Mayang's Free Textures

Version 16

Our texture library has over 4350 free to download, free to use, high-resolution textures. Online at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Texture Details


How many textures do I get when I buy the ZIPs's?


Every texture on the website is also in downloadable ZIPs.  Currently (version 16) this means the texture ZIPs contains just over 4350 textures, comprising a total of around 7Gb, if you buy them both.

Use of Textures


What can I use the textures for?


You can use the textures in your school projects, to make CD sleeves, posters, in movies, in videogames etc - anything where you have added your own artistic effort.

You cannot use the textures for anything that directly competes with us.  This includes, putting the textures on your own website, selling them, or giving them away.  This restriction includes the textures themselves, as well as any minor modifications, for example, you may not make our texture seamless or tileable and then sell them.

Other Questions?

Just send an email to Will, I will be glad to help, and if necessary I will add your question and the answer to this FAQ.