Will and Mayang's Travels - Glastonbury, June 2005

WET, MUDDY and AWESOME!! We had a wicked weekend at Glastonbury Festival this year. Glastonbury is the music event of the UK, held once each year.  It takes place over a long weekend and the only accomodation is to bring your own tent.  There are 120,000 people in one place, about 10 stages, perhaps 200-300 bands playing. It rained heavily before the festival, so there was lots of mud.  We were cunning and only arrived after the rain had stopped.  Some people were not so lucky and their tents washed away!

Sea of colourful tents as far as the eye can see (this is just one of the tent fields, there are about 10!)

Putting your tent in the lowest point then waiting for the rain is a recipe for disaster.

for the lucky ones like us..  this dry patch of field was a luxury, equavalent to five-star holiday camp! here, had a quick wash with a bucket of water in front of our tent, first thing in the morning.

Apart from the music, Glastonbury is also famous for its smelly toilets with long queues!

Dance Field - west stage.. we rave with The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Timo Maas and Way Out West under the blue marquee decorated with a strange muscular blue man. The dance field alone has about 5 stages.

Will is dancing with wellies.. very fashionable indeed.  You think he looks stupid?  It's the people without the wellies, with
mud all up their legs who look stupid!

 Way Out West on the stage, let's get the music started!!!

.. outside the stage, Mayang still having a good time...oblivious to the crowd, dancing  like a real reveller!

while others were still battling with mud...

i just wanna see what it feels like standing in the mud .. come and join me !! :)

Re-fuelling our energy. Only fresh and healthy option (including waffles) for Mayang, the health freak..

Pyramid stage on Saturday (day 2) - we heading out early to the field (partly to find dry patches of land) , waiting for Coldplay to perform.

...and we (together with the crowd) sang along with them.. "Look at the stars, Look how they shine for you, And everything you do, Yeah, they were all yellow.."  hmm.. except that, there wasn't a single star to look at up on the sky.

Glastonbury is not just music.  There are also dozens of other performers : circus, comedians, dancers, daredevils, who knows what!  On Sunday morning we took a break from the music and spent our day walking around the Circus Field. This guy is clearly an expert juggling with torches on fire..

.. you think you've got the talent to join the circus team? start here, at the circus workshop.

Glastonbury is also fun for the kids.  Many people take their kids along.  One of the things to amuse them is here, where they are getting rolled over by a giant inflatable ball!

The whole area is decorated with hundreds of flags.

Mayang wished she had a pair of lovely wings herself.. like this Mrs butterfly in the circus field.

..and these 4 festival-goers decided to wear matching purple wigs.

Some people enjoy a giant game of scrabble.. by the way, does anybody knows what "sexd" means?

A strange sculpture of square cows..i'd love to see real cows climbing on each other.

The tepee area is reserved for that section of society that likes to live in red-indian style tents.   Not sure why, but they do.

Some daredevil men put on a show, standing on this spinning wheel.  Later they even did it with blindfolds on!

Mayang meets the giant horse. He was very friendly..

Finally we packed our tent and our quiet camping field became just a tiny bit quieter.  Goodbye Glastonbury!  There is no Glastonbury in 2006, so see you in 2007!

All pictures and other media are Copyright ©2005 Mayang Adnin.