Mayang and Will's Travels - Croatia, September 2006.

We went to Croatia with some of our friends.  The first night we stayed in Dubrovnik, the ancient southern city.
You would think the castle walls were built for hundreds of years ago during more violent times.  But during the Balkans war, only 10 years ago, as Yugoslavia broke apart, people again started firing guns at Dubrovnik.  Luckily it didn't get damaged much.
The streets in the city are narrow and steep.  We stayed in a lovely little apartment, just a perfect size for Mayang, Will, Sue and Martin.  In the morning, Mayang decided to poke her head out the window just as Will was out taking photos!

There's normally not many waves in the Mediterranean, but of course Will managed to find the one place where he could get splashed.

Most of the time we were staying in the Villa of our friend Chris, in the small coastal village at the bottom of the mountain.  Some days we walked up the hill behind the villa to look at the view.
Croatia's coast is lucky to have lots of little islands.

Of course, Mayang was not contented to just walk up the hill a little bit, she had to climb right to the top of the mountain!

It's a rural place, people live their life slowly.  This man was taking his goats to another field to graze.

When we ran out of water, we simply filled up from the nearby natural spring collecting water from under the mountain.  Luckily, somebody had attached a tap!

Nearby, in "Ston", was a huge wall built to protect the area from invaders from the mainland.  It looks a lot like the Great Wall of China (but thinner?)

Finally. after a holiday spent relaxing (for some) and cycling, climbing and walking (Chris, Chris and Mayang), it was time to go home.  There was just time for a last lemonade / beer and a group photo before heading back along the steep coastal road to the airport.

All pictures and other media are Copyright ©2006 William Owen Smith and Mayang Adnin.