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Jul 2010
We've moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
July 2007
Will went Caving.  Mayang went to one of her regular Karate camps (unfortunately, no pictures).
June 2007
I am now a personal trainer based in South London.
April 2007
We went back to Spain for a few days to do a bit more skydiving training.
March 2007
Returning back to the UK from Malaysia, we spent several days in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.
We went hot air ballooning and skiing!
February - March  2007
We went to Malaysia to visit Mayang's family and friends, and to practice our skydiving skills in a wind tunnel.
September 2006
We went to Croatia in Eastern Europe.
June 2006
We went skydiving in Spain.

April 2006
We went parascending.

September - October 2005
We went to Denmark, Norway and Sweden to see the Northern Lights and travel inside the Artic Circle.

June 2005
Will and Mayang went to the Glastonbury Festival.

June 2005
Mayang visited France.

April 2005
Mayang visited Portugal.

October 2004
We visited Morocco and spent some time in the Sahara.

August 2004
We visited Thailand, Cambodia (including Angkor Wat) and Vietnam.

June 2004
We visited Sarawak, also in Borneo.

June 2004
We visited Sabah, part of Malaysia on the island of Borneo, and climbed Mount Kinabalu.

May 2004
Our texture web site is now very popular.  Statistics show that over 2000 people each day visit to download textures!

August 2003
We visited England again.  See the pictures.


August 2002
Will has just completed uploading all his texture pictures with thumbnails. Hopefully these will be useful to people who work with graphics. See them here.


August 2002
We've living in Malaysia, but we took a holiday back to England.


August 2001
We've recently travelled to Singapore and Thailand.

  May 2001
Here are the pictures of our wedding and our apartment.

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